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About Us


Catarina Pámela Fernandes


Founder of Butterfly Effect, Catarina Pámela Fernandes is a surgeon with HoloBody Coach certification by Mindvalley.

The desire to help people reach their true potential combined with the interest in Functional Medicine, Biohacking and Personal Growth led her to start her journey as a Coach.

How It Started…

Since I was a child, I wished to become a doctor, that became my main goal wich came true. Although I never saw myself as a big conqueror, much less a special person. 

In Hight School until I got my Surgery degree I had to battle against many doubts about my worthiness. My lack of confidence about being a good surgeon, almost made me give up, but my tutor believed in me and this made me continue my path.

I started to work as a surgeon in a new city where I had to struggle to get recognition from my colleagues, this added to the stress of the job I started to had some health issues and decided that I had to change my life.

At 37 years old I started to eat healthy, meditate and woke up early in the morning to exercise and read. This was a huge change not only in my body (lost 10kg) but specially in myself because I got more energy and my self-confidence grew.

Recognizing that all those habits had a huge impact in my life I was eager to learn more about self-development and this brought me to Mindvalley and started Holobody/10X Coach certification. I was amazed when I start to learn about Coaching and saw how powerful it is, in a way, that even now, that I’m finally confident has a surgeon, I decide to change and start my coaching business to help people to make life long changes, get the health they need to have a great life.

I recognized this was a huge step and not an easy one. I had to go deep inside of me to deal with leaving my child’s dream behind so I could create a much bigger one: Change the world through women’s transformation.

Why we chose the name Butterfly Effect?

We believe that when people reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals, they will impact those around them and this effect will cascade.



Make women strong, resilient, powerful, plentiful so they can impact the people around them and change the world.



Build a better world through women’s empowering.



Freedom • Justice • Generosity • Fraternity • Respect • Integrity • Discovery • Uniqueness

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