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Reset & Balance

An 8-week Journey to Build a Strong Foundation and Release Old Habits towards Health Transformation.

Introducing the Reset & Balance

An impactful journey tailored exclusively for women seeking lasting transformation.

A meticulously crafted roadmap for you to construct an unshakable groundwork that will revolutionize your health and life forever. Prepare to immerse yourself in a sisterhood community that nurtures and empowers, providing the unwavering support needed to propel your journey forward.
You will witness a remarkable metamorphoses in both mind and body as you adopt healthier habits, redefine your identity, and emerge as an unstoppable force of vitality.
If you are looking to feel amazing in your body, gain confidence, and build lifelong friendships, this transformative experience awaits you.

8 Intensive Weeks; 10 Immersive Group Live Calls; 2 Powerful 1-1 Coaching Call; an Entire Supportive Community

Identify & Let Go of Old Patterns

Identify old patterns and believes about your body and health. Work on mind-based tools, also known as Psycho-Cybernetics System

Master Behavioral Design

Once you become aware of your habits and understand which ones aren’t aligned with your goals, it’s time to reset and start building new and empowering ones.

The Nutritional Foundation

Embrace a harmonious relationship with food. Unleash the power of effortless and speedy cooking. Indulge in both nourishing and mouthwatering delights.

Frequent Movement & Sound Sleep

Understand why we need movement and rest in our life and how each one support the other. You’ll learn a fantastic tool to fight a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and mortality – prolonged sitting.

Become Unshakable

Address one of the major causes of disease – Stress. Learn what the main causes of stress are, how to deal with it and what tools you can use to become a rock.

Restore Insulin Sensitivity & Eliminate High- Grade Inflammation

Understand the correlation between food and inflammation. By changing food habits you will change your health and as a result your entire life.

Build the Foundations of Fitness

Unfold the beliefs you may have about fitness that limit you and how you can change them. Discover different practices that won’t take long and will have a huge impact on your health and body.

The New Normal and Accelerating Transformation

After creating many small habits, you will feel an identity shift, it is your new normal. From here, you can only expand further and accelerate your transformation.

What’s Included?

Customized services support to achieve greater well-being and success in all areas of your life.

8-Week Program

Available on a user- friendly platform for you to access from any devices during the program

Weekly Group Coaching Call

A safe space to introduce new topics, share and reflect about your journey (max. 10 people)

Reset & Balance Journal

Limited Edition Book, with all the steps to guide you to take daily actions towards transformation

Private Community

Access to a group of like-minded people in an environment of support and growth

Exclusive Bonuses

2 Group Coaching Call

2 Private Coaching Session

-50% Private Coaching Session

During Program + 3 Months
Dra. Catarina Fernandes

Who Will be With You?

Catarina Fernandes is a General Surgeon, Health & Women Empowerment Coach.
As a busy woman trying to juggle work and self-care without feeling guilty, I completely understand how you may feel. Being a surgeon with crazy shifts, the last thing I wanted was to spend my precious free hours at the gym.
Passionate about the human body, body hacking, mindset, and self-development, She has personally experienced the transformative power of holistic health. Now, she want to share her knowledge and help others overcome disease, regain self-confidence, and live life to the fullest. Her mission is to help people give more life to their years, not just years to their life.
Her purpose is to guide women in a deep dive within, using powerful tools and tricks, to help them change what needs to be changed and free themselves from a false self-image, creating a new and empowering one so that they become a full expression of their true selves.

Building a Strong Foundation

Embark on a transformative journey, where you unravel the depths of your own behaviors, habits, and emotions. This awe-inspiring experience will grant you unparalleled awareness that enables you to hit the reset button and embark on a fresh start, armed with an unshakable foundation.

Step-by-Step Plan

Discover the essential tools that will empower you to cultivate unbreakable habits, harmonize with your innermost desires, and sculpt the body of your dreams for a lifetime of fulfillment.

Breakup with Your Old Self

Prepare yourself to fully embrace your newfound healthy identity, propelling you towards a life brimming with vitality, balance, energy and fulfillment.

Success Stories

The most motivating thing for us is to know the impact that our clients have made in the world after their transformation.

Catarina helped me discover and work through limiting beliefs and blocks I had developed over the years. She also gave me encouragement, support and accountability to help me achieve the goals I had set for myself. Thank you Catarina! I wouldn’t be at the point I’m at now without your help.
Nadia Blackstock
Uma consciência externa que ativou a minha interna, através de uma abordagem holística da vida. Reaprendi a pensar, ganhei novas perspectivas, e isso devolveu-me o comando da minha vida. São recursos internos muitíssimo valiosos que levarei comigo para sempre. Serei eternamente grata por esta experiência.
Rubina Sequeira
Catarina is 100% there for me. No judgment. She gives me the space I need to formulate my thoughts and ideas. I don’t feel threatened. She guides me gently and pulls out of me what is inside of me. (That makes it easier to execute. Baby steps, It is possible not probable) She makes me feel powerful.
Rebecca Shemesh
You don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE.
Go through the materials for 14 days risk-free from the start of the Program.
If for any unlikely reason this Program does not meet your expectations, you will be refunded 100% of your investment.

Reset & Balance

A 8-week Program to Build a Strong Foundation and Let Go of Old Habits
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about ours Reset & Balance Program.

For women who are hungry to change their lives once and for all so they can become more, achieve more and serve more in their lives.You don’t need to be part of a certain group or earn a certain amount of money. You don’t need a specific title. Balance & Reset is for you, no matter who you are, beautiful and unique.
The next 8-week Reset & Balance program begins on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, spots are limited. This Program is online, so you can participate from wherever you are.
Reset & Balance Program is a virtual experience that takes place over the course of 8 weeks. Every week, on Wednesdays, you’ll have the opportunity to join Catarina Pámela Fernandes for live training – or you can watch the replay if you can’t make it. All group coaching sessions are recorded and will be available within the program period. These live group coaching sessions will be the space to ask questions and share struggles, Catarina will guide you through the process of removing resistances and blocks. Plus, you’ll have access to a private group where you will create new friendships and support circles with other people from all over the world. Worried about being too busy during this season of your life? Reset&Balance is designed to go at your own pace. Complete your 8-week program at a time that works for you. You will always be in control throughout the entire process.
The replay of your weekly group coaching call will be available in your area of the platform where you will be able to access it during the 8 weeks. The R&B program is designed for you to participate at your own pace – so if you are determined and can join us live every week, this is how you’ll get the most benefit. However, if you are unable to attend during these hours, the replay will always be available for you to catch on when you can.
After signing up for the program, you will receive a direct link in your email to schedule your private coaching session for you to use whenever you want during the program. You will also receive your 50% discount in your email for the extra coaching sessions you feel you need, again to use during the program or for the next 3 months. We want to continue to support you on your way after the Program.
Upon signing up, you will receive an email with a direct link and the credentials to access the Platform, where you will have access to the R&B Program and all content. We suggest that you change the password after logging in. Every week the content will be unlocked for you. Why? Because we want you totally focused on each week’s work. The content is available throughout the program and you can use it at your own pace.
After subscribing the R&B program you will receive an email with a direct link and the credentials to access the Platform and there you will be able to download the journal pages related to the content of each week, which will be unlocked for you every Tuesday night, along with the content for that week. In the end, you will have an entire book with the steps of your transformation that you will keep close to you to remember where you were when you started and how far you have gone. It will be your Reset story that you will want to share with your family and friends as inspiration for others.
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Reset & Balance

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