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Dra. Catarina Fernandes

Building Healthy Bodies and Minds for Women Since 2021

Catarina Fernandes is passionate about the human body, body hacking, mindset, and self-development, She has personally experienced the transformative power of holistic health. Now, she want to share her knowledge and help others overcome disease, regain self-confidence, and live life to the fullest. Her mission is to empower women to have more life to their years, not just years to their life.
Her purpose is to guide women in a deep dive within, using powerful tools and tricks, to enable them to change what needs to be changed and free themselves from a false self-image, creating a new and empowering one so that they become a full expression of their true selves.

Success Stories

The most motivating thing for us is to know the impact that our clients have made in the world after their transformation.

Catarina helped me discover and work through limiting beliefs and blocks I had developed over the years. She also gave me encouragement, support and accountability to help me achieve the goals I had set for myself. Thank you Catarina! I wouldn’t be at the point I’m at now without your help.
Nadia Blackstock
Uma consciência externa que ativou a minha interna, através de uma abordagem holística da vida. Reaprendi a pensar, ganhei novas perspectivas, e isso devolveu-me o comando da minha vida. São recursos internos muitíssimo valiosos que levarei comigo para sempre. Serei eternamente grata por esta experiência.
Rubina Sequeira
Catarina is 100% there for me. No judgment. She gives me the space I need to formulate my thoughts and ideas. I don’t feel threatened. She guides me gently and pulls out of me what is inside of me. (That makes it easier to execute. Baby steps, It is possible not probable) She makes me feel powerful.
Rebecca Shemesh
I had been feeling overwhelmed with my life and goals. Catarina helped me clarify my goals and supported me in coming up with effective strategies for overcoming each obstacle. She works in a caring, non-judgmental manner. I am excited to continue creating larger goals and continue becoming the best me in every aspect of my life.

Heather Robins
Certified Financial Planner

Wow! What a coach! Catarina is kind, compassionate, empathic, sympathetic, and very knowledgeable. The sessions I’ve had with her have helped me gain clarity and take action in areas of my life which I’ve neglected in the past. She shined a light on my path of life which is exactly what I was looking for in a coach. She’s a wonderful coach! I highly recommend her!
Chantale Carrière
Strategic Intervention Life Coach (Canada)
Iniciar o processo de coaching com a Catarina foi claramente uma das minhas melhores decisões até ao dia de hoje! Sinto-me à vontade e em segurança para expor os meus pensamentos e vivências mais íntimas e até desconfortáveis. A Catarina desafia-me a pensar fora da caixa e a descobrir as minhas verdadeiras motivações, acompanhando-me sempre.
Graça Azevedo
Engenheira Biomédica

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